Hancos Co., Ltd. pursues thorough development and research on functional cosmetics, We develop, extract and apply basic raw materials to develop perfect products from raw materials to finished products.


R&D performance



Jeungnyungbang Ampoule+MTS roller / Soon Shampoo / powder wash / Jin cream


Pink Y¡¯s Ampoule set / Basic 3 set / collagen mask pack / Day&night cream


Patent Acquisition(No. 0434439)

Method for preparing water/oil/water multi-emulsion stabilized with polyblock copolymer

2000.07 ~ 2001.07

Development of functional cosmetics using W/S type emulsifier

Conducted joint research with Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Konkuk University

2000.08 ~ 2001.08

Functional cosmetic raw materials from plant resources

Conducted joint research with Gangwon-do Health and Environment Research Institute ¡°Antioxidant (free radical scavenging) cosmetic composition containing saengyeolgwi tree extract¡±


Cosmetic composition containing polyalcohol extract of plum

Patent application, No. 10-2000-72732


Development of Korea¡¯s first Internet customized cosmetics ¡°Go & Kang¡± cosmetics / Development of NT technology certified by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy for the first time in Korea¡¯s cosmetics industry

¡°Technology for manufacturing native plant cosmetics using whole-phase emulsification techniques¡± and many others

Industrial Property Patent

Industrial Property Patent

- Method for preparing water/oil/water multi-emulsion with polyblock copolymer (No. 0434439)
- Natural preservative for cosmetics and its manufacturing method (No. 10-1249920)
- Whitening cosmetic composition (No. 10-1410262)

Research Project

- Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Development Project : 2005.07.01-2006.06.03

Project Title: Development of water/oil/water multi-emulsion functional cosmetics stabilized with polyblock copolymer : success

- Regional economic linkage cooperation project (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

Promotion: 3-year research project) : 2011.07 -2014.07 :success

Research and Development Plan

- Functional Cosmetics

Alleviation of hair loss symptoms, acne, atopic products

- Urban Pollution

anti-pollution, detox

- Eco-friendly cosmetics

Human Ecology - Naturalism/Organic.EWG
Nature Ecology - Development and use of biodegradable raw materials

- Emotional Cosmetics

Moody cosmetics that stimulate people's emotions, etc